Do you have a trusted advisor or a team of trusted advisors? 

 I do. – For me, they include my financial advisor, my relational advisor, my spiritual advisor, my “construction” advisor, and the list goes on.  Some are professional and some are trusted friends, but I count on them to all give me solid information, honest feedback and sound advice.

Then the question becomes – what do I do with that advice?
I listen, evaluate, test it with my team of advisors, and square it up with my own ideas.
Then and only then, can I make a decision. 
My decision.  But I have learned that I really need to listen to my trusted team of advisors.  They know me, give me new information, different perspectives, an unemotional approach, and they truly want the best for me. 
Would I ever consider adding a new room to my house without talking to my contractor?  Would I ever consider changing my estate without talking to my estate attorney?  No.  I value their knowledge and know they will help me make the best decision possible. For a Business Family the team of advisors should include the business systems, the family systems, and the ownership system.

 Do you have a group of trusted advisors in your personal and professional life?  Don’t neglect building and nurturing those relationships.  They will serve you well as you navigate the issues of life and business.  

If you would like to learn more about building a solid team of advisors, let me know.

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