Kathi Smith – Executive Coaching For Family Businesses

VID00060__Kathi_M_Smith_BlogKathi received her education in working with family owned businesses by being a daughter of a family owned business for forty-five years!   As one of six children the family owned business was the central focus for learning life’s rewards and challenges. As a coach to family owned businesses, Kathi takes their entrepreneurial spirit to encourage and motivate them to move from where they are, point A to where they want to be, point B.

Kathi is a full time coach and is one of 80 coaches certified in the state of NJ through the International Coaching Federation.   She is also a certified Energy Leadership Index – Master Practitioner, which concentrates on core values and unique energy levels we devote to the primary areas of our life each day.

Prior to her coaching career Kathi was in the financial field for 15 years as a successful Sales Account Executive at PHH/Cendant watching the firm grow from 85 employees to a corporation of over 7,000 team members until moving to NC. She also worked as a Financial Consultant with Smith Barney and saw the challenges of family owned businesses in passing wealth and almost as great; the difference of opinions!

She is now living back in NJ and separates her time in working with family owned businesses, coaching leadership development, executive coaching and Attitude for Life presentations.     She also has written the program FAITHThinking TM which highlights key areas of our life that direct our decisions and motivation for making positive changes. FAITHThinking TM was born when through her coaching practice and personal experience she realized the areas of how we view our Future, our Attitude, what Inspires us, our Thoughts and Habits form our future and determine the success we will have each day.

Kathi M Smith, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP
FAITHThinking TM
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