Remember the days when business was done on a handshake?  When an individual’s word was their guarantee?

For families in business, their name is on the door or the delivery truck or the website. Their word is the family’s name and they are usually committed to supporting the communities.  Studies have shown that over a third of the 5.5 million family businesses in the United States have written codes for the behavior of the family and the business and consistently talk about those values and ethics.
Remember When?
It is often because of the relationships that were built by the founders or previous generations that family businesses continue to trust and respect each other and still do business with each other into the 2nd or 3rd or 4th generations and beyond. The trust developed between generations doesn’t just happen: it takes work, it takes learning, it takes sharing information of what works and what could be done better.
Remember When?
To build a Family Legacy, the same is true. By offering a special promo code (join2012), The Network of Family Businesses is providing a special promotion to help Family Businesses keep the next generation in mind in decisions they make and the plans they develop. The sharing of information through Social Media and nurturing a Network for Nxt-Gen Internships will develop new relationships just like the relationships that were built by the founders and previous generations.
Building and nurturing relationships, networking with other Families in Business, providing resources for learning and sharing is how The Network of Family Businesses supports families as they strive to grow their family, their business, and build their family legacy.
Remember when your family knew who they could turn to?  Today, family businesses can turn to The Network of Family Businesses.
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