The Advantage
Recently I completed reading Patrick Lencioni’s book, 
The Advantage, and came to the conclusion with minimal word smithing, this book could be all about building The Advantage for Business Families.
Lencioni (p. 77) outlines 6 basic questions that must also be asked of every Organization. I am suggesting also of every Business Family.
1.     Why do we exist?
2.     How do we behave?
3.     What do we do?
4.     How will we succeed?
5.     What is most important right now?
6.     Who must do what?
If a Business Family could work through these questions and develop clear answers that all could agree to, understand, and continually communicate they would see the health of their family and business grow exponentially. 

Discussing these questions requires trust, commitment, communication, communication, communication, and accountability.
How is your Family processing these questions?
What needs to happen for your Family to be able to discuss these critical questions?
Your Thoughts?

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