Creating the Ideal Customer Experience
Many marketers have been taught the concept of the marketing funnel. The idea being that you bring leads into the top of the large opening in a funnel and push the ones that become customers through the small end. The problem with this approach is it turns all the focus on the chase. Bill Brelsford happens to think that real payoff in marketing comes from expanding and focusing your thinking on how to turn a lead into an advocate for your business.
When you overlay our definition of marketing – “getting someone who has a need to know, like, and trust you” with the intentional act of turning know, like and trust into try, buy, repeat, and refer you get the entire logical path for moving someone from initial awareness to advocate.
The key is to systematically develop touch points, processes and product/service offerings for each of the 7 phases of the hourglass.
            Know – Your ads, article, and referred leads
            Like – Your web site, reception, and email newsletter
            Trust – Your marketing kit, white papers, and sales presentations
            Try – Webinars, evaluations, and nurturing activities
            Buy – Fulfillment, new customer kit, delivery, and financial arrangements
            Repeat – Post customer survey, cross sell presentations, and quarterly events
            Refer – Results reviews, partner introductions, peer 2 peer webinars, and community building
Far too many businesses attempt to go from “Know” to “Buy” and wonder why it’s so hard. By creating ways to gently move someone to trust, and perhaps even creating low-cost offerings as trials, the ultimate conversion to buy gets so much easier.
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Marketing the Family Business
Bill Brelsford is the owner of Rebar Business Builders and a Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant. As one of the original members of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network, Bill has been helping business owners and professional service providers install the Duct Tape Marketing System since 2004.

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Marketing the Family BusinessMarketing the Family BusinessimageMarketing the Family BusinessMarketing the Family BusinessMarketing the Family BusinessMarketing the Family BusinessMarketing the Family Businessimage

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